Chez Albert

CHAPTER 1Philosophy


The first and only specialist wine shop on Koh Tao, Chez Albert was created by Lucie and Eric from France. They fell in love with Koh Tao but found themselves longing for the taste of home. Thus, they decided to create a place to host authentic "Epicurean Experiences" for locals and farangs alike.

Together, they nurtured a special atmosphere where friends and soon-to-be-friends are welcome to indulge in quality products from France and the other beautiful wine countries of the world.

One of the goals close to their heart was advancing the quality of wine to satisfy the ever-increasing appreciation for superior goods in Koh Tao. Within a few months, the businesses who opted for the fine wines from Chez Albert enjoyed a marked increase in their consumer base.

These mutual successes provided boundless joy for the Chez Albert family and they redoubled their commitment to continue supplying excellent products at great value.


Who is Albert ?

Albert, born in 1934, is a French mountain guide and wine connoisseur. His son, Eric, was raised on Albert’s
fundamental rules of wine, food, and life. Chief among these, the rule of sharing. Sharing life, merriment, and exquisite
delicacies was a staple of the Albert house – Chez Albert.

Albert continues to travel the world, enjoying his beloved wines and keeping active with his lifelong passion for outdoor sports.
You might catch him dropping by his namesake shop in Koh Tao to share a glass with its patrons and his family.


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